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"Souls" is the first album by Sheffield band The Silver Darlings. It's persistent themes are of helpless optimism and our endless pilgrimage in search of human contact. Our music has been described as "beautiful" by Martin Stephenson, "cliche free songwriting" by Geoff Berner, and "a unique, engaging voice" by Steve Dawson of Dolly Varden.


released May 10, 2011

Pete Chenery:Piano
David Fong:Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals
Nick Roberts:Bass
Andy Whitehouse:Guitar/Bass/Vocals

with guests:
Keith Angel:Percussion
Kate Trott:Backing Vocals

Recorded and mixed at Wavelength Studio, Doncaster by Keith Angel.

The cover image is "The Fisher Woman" by Lyn Hodnett

The design was by Raymond Greenoaken



all rights reserved


The Silver Darlings Sheffield, UK

The Silver Darlings 2011 album “Souls” was regarded as “music to make you feel better” by Americana UK and drew favourable reviews from such as legendary singer/writer Martin Stephenson “beautiful”, Dolly Varden’s Steve Dawson “a unique, engaging voice” and Geoff Berner “cliché free songwriting”. ... more

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Track Name: Pilgrims
Weary of my walking I stepped off to one side
To observe the battered masses on their way across the hillside
From a distance it was hard to tell the laughing from the crying
As the eager rushed ahead, left the suffering to their sighing

Are we prisoners, refugees, is this some kind of protest?
A carnival, a funeral, a wandering in the wilderness?
A flight from fear, a run for home, some impulse led migration
Through the rivers, over mountains with no hint of hesitation

Should I try to pull them back, should I cheer them on?
Should I tell them to turn around from this road they have embarked on?
Call them over to this table, bid them lay their burden down,
Pour them a drink, urge them to think, take a listen to the sound of all these
Prisoners, refugees...

Some are carrying a picture in a locket on their heart
Some are clinging to each other promising they'll never part
Some are looking for the ledge from which to make the lover's leap
Some are throwing it away, for all they sow they never reap

Mumbling and praying lifting our eyes up to the sky
From the first breath at our mother's breast to the minute that we die
From our heartbroken souls to our shambling stumbling shoes
There is nowhere else to go, and nothing else to do!
We are all prisoners, refugees...
Track Name: Watermark
She had a smile like yours, always half amused
So is it any wonder if I get confused?
And from time to time I have to double take and sigh
When I realise my mistake

I hold this paper up to the light - I see the watermark
In between the sheets - she is the watermark

She had eyes like yours, soft and sad
Focused middle distance on the bad luck she'd had
And from time to time, I blink and you're gone
And it's her face, that I focus on

I hold this paper up to the light - I see the watermark
In between the sheets - she is the watermark

She had a heart like yours, black as night
When all the stars are shining bright
She blazed down on me like the sun
The shadow lingers long after she's gone

I hold this paper up to the light - I see the watermark
In between the sheets - she is the watermark
Track Name: Where The River Ends
Somebody said, "Hey didn't I see you, walking down by the pier?
You looked sort of pre-occupied so I decided to stay clear."
I said, "I think I can trust you, I've come to regard you as a friend.
You see I'm just looking for where the sea begins and where the river ends."

From the coastal fog of morning to the dog end of the day
You'll see me walking by the water that swirls by blue and grey
You may think I've lost my senses. I guess that that depends
You see I'm just looking for where the sea begins and where the river ends.

Well the tide rolls in, the tide rolls out and all is constant change
Don't you worry about me, I'll be ok I just feel a little strange
I'm back down in those murky depths where I often descend
You see I'm just looking for where the sea begins and where the river ends.
Track Name: Come Over Here
Come over here my dearest dear, its the middle of the night
Come over here my dearest dear and make it all alright
Out in the street the drunks are singing like a choir of caged birds
I've got a song, inarticulate, come whisper me the words

Come over here my dearest dear, I could send a car for you
Come over here my dearest dear, I'm waiting here. It's true
That there is a cord of silver light that runs between us - can't you see?
Take it gently between your fingers and follow it to me

Come over here, come over here

Come over here my dearest dear, tell me you're on your way
Come over here my dearest dear, there's not much more to say
I could this very hour climb the fire station tower, sing like a muezzin, of pure love
I'm on my knees facing your direction, come over here sweet dove

Come over here
Track Name: Souls
The flowers were all magenta when the seagulls came up stream
The days were getting darker, the nights were closing in
I met her at the station, struck up a conversation
One thing led to another as can sometimes be the way
The park paths were laced with leaves as we walked uphill through the trees
And the city was an amber necklace thrown across the night
Was there something in her laugh, in the fragrance of her skin, in the colour of her eyes that got me thinking of the sea?

And love came in in blues and jades, threw us naked on the bed
And covered us in mysteries and swirled and raged over our heads
But servant to the silver moon she turned and answered to that call
And threw me ack into the depths with all the other lost and lonely souls

October rain rattled the windows, left us nothing else to do
But build the fire and light the candles 'til November sun shone through
Dragged us out onto the seven hills, down into the dark town
And back to bed with all the treasures that our adventures had found
So we drank the days like wine, kept the northern nights at bay
Twisting, turning in the sheets like courting creatures of the sea
We chased the scattering seagulls into steel city skies
As the north wind raced around us, drew salt water to our eyes

And love came in...

Did she keep something from me? Did I not want to hear?
As the days began to lengthen and the snowdrops re-appeared
As the seagulls left the playing fields flapped lazily down stream
And the sound of waves and sandbars riplled through my troubled dreams
And so our laughter turned to silence like the tide slowly recedes
She began to tell me she would have to leave
I begged her for a reason, 'til one day she turned to me
"Do you remember when I told you I was raised beside the sea?"

And love came in...
Track Name: Polishing Your Pearl
She has gone, she has departed on another silent voyage
Cast off her lines, left this world behind, I must leave her sleeping
I want to kiss her cheek and underneath the sheets my hand seeks curves as smooth as shell
But I must leaver her be, inside the mystery and hope the currents treat her well

She has gone, she has departed on another silent voyage
Cast off her lines, left this world behind, I must leave her sleeping
And when she sails away at the end of the day, I'm praying for her safe return
With treasures from the deep, and new songs soaring sweet
'Bout how she saw my lantern burn and trades her tunes my own to learn

And when she doesn't come to harbour with the sun
I'll raise my anchor, set my sail
And head on out to sea. If she can't be with me
Then I'll be with her and the whales
I'll be standing watching from the rail
She has gone
Track Name: She Has Gone
Men may some day live on Mars
Laugh and drink in Mars bars
While they're busy exploring space
I'll be looking at your face
As long as I have got a breath,and there is still a world
As long as there's a girl and boy to meet in boy meets girl
I'll be happy polishing your pearl

Deeper into darker blue, divers swim in search of you
Thoughts in bubbled wishes rise
"To gaze once into her eyes!"
As long as ....

My exploration took me right off the map
Content, I lay like a cat in your lap

Pioneers can push on through, I'll stay here exploring you
How could you think that I'd miss any chance to know your kiss?
As long as...
Track Name: Still Be Waiting
I'm standing by the water, looking out to sea
Beside myself with longing, nobody can help me
And I sift through all the wreckage, washed up by the tide
For a message in a bottle, from one for whom I've cried
So long
I will still be waiting here, still be waiting here,
And if ever you come back to me and seasons take you back to sea
I will still be waiting here

So many ships come sailing and I pray that there might be
Amongst the passengers and cargo, that sweet familiar face I seek
But all the hopes inspired by the funnels and the sails
Are dashed upon the rocks.
Splintered planks, broken nets, rusty nails.
I will still be waiting here...

And I know you like the charts, that never tell me where you lay
And I know you like the stars sparkling silent in the sky
And I know your sea swept eyes will always stow your heart away
Come and go, come and go, you can come and go again
I will always say these words
I will still be waiting here